Unleashing the Extraordinary: Our Story and Passion

Introducing the Future of Prestige Furniture Retail in Dubai

Get ready for an unparalleled shopping experience! BRETZ FURNITURE TRADING CO. L.L.C, under the keen eye of General Manager Jamal Bounoua, will bring the magic of Germany’s prestigious furniture manufacturer Bretz to Dubai. Our aim is to carve our name in the city’s retail scene.

Bringing Exclusive German Elegance to Your Doorstep
We’re more than just a furniture retailer. Our unique shop-in-shop solutions and website will introduce you to Bretz’s vast range of exclusive, modern, and high-quality furniture. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, we promise to serve your unique tastes and guarantee uncompromising quality.

Crafting Connections with Dubai’s Affluent
For the discerning clientele in search of unmatched quality, BRETZ FURNITURE TRADING CO. L.L.C is the destination. We’ll keep you engaged through our robust marketing approach, combining traditional techniques with the power of digital media. With us, staying informed and inspired is just a click away.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of Bretz, exclusively in Dubai with BRETZ FURNITURE TRADING CO. L.L.C. Together, we’ll redefine luxury living.

Craftsmanship and Passion –
Furniture with Personality

Bretz furniture production has always been built around traditional craftsmanship,
experienced and passionate employees, and premium materials since 1895. The wooden frames for the furniture come from Germany, while the carefully selected, exclusive velvets that give the upholstered pieces their distinctive appearance primarily come from Italy, Germany, and Belgium. When combined with a well thought out, multi-layered foam structure and suitable suspension system, a very personal favorite is created.
Detailed, unique, durable, and with incomparable seating comfort – the ideal balance between gentle sinking and perfect support!

Founded in 1895 in Gensingen, Germany, by Johann Bretz, Bretz Wohnträume GmbH began as a small family-run business crafting quality mattresses. Despite its factory being destroyed in World War II, the Bretz family rebuilt the business, staying committed to high-quality craftsmanship and design. The company faced significant challenges during the 1986 economic recession but overcame them due to the efforts of brothers Norbert and Hartmut Bretz. In 2009, Carolin Bretz, Hartmut’s daughter, joined the company and later took over the management with her uncle Norbert in 2018. Today, Bretz is globally recognized for its unique, handcrafted furniture pieces, reflecting its commitment to quality materials, distinctive designs, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Milestones in the company’s history: Success through passion and consistency



Johann Bretz founds the company, and since then, every upholstered piece of furniture has been handcrafted in Gensingen, Rhine-Hesse.

World War II
World War II


The factory is completely destroyed during the war, but the family business survives these difficult times.



During the recession years, Bretz faces a crisis, which the company overcomes the following year thanks to the efforts of brothers Norbert and Hartmut Bretz.



Carolin Bretz, Hartmut’s daughter, joins the company as a designer and develops a great passion for the family business.



Carolin Bretz takes over the management together with her uncle Norbert and from then on shapes the company culture and the future of Bretz.

Passionate employees who give their best with heart and dedication every day.

Brand-operated flagship stores

Partner-operated flagship stores and over

Trade partners inside and outside of Europe, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark, India and China