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Welcome to the Bretz Collection, a curated ensemble of exquisite designs that embody the spirit of innovation and the reverence for tradition. Each piece you are about to explore is the result of masterful craftsmanship and artistic vision that defies convention, transcending the ordinary to offer you an experience unparalleled. Born from the genius of expert designers, our furniture marries functionality and style, embodying the boldness, the sophistication, and the passion that makes Bretz a beacon in the world of distinctive interior design. Discover, indulge, and let yourself be captivated by the artistry that breathes life into each creation. The Bretz Collection awaits your discerning eye, ready to transform your living spaces into vibrant expressions of your unique self.


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Balaao: an adventurous blend of bulbous form, comfort, and superior craftsmanship by Bretz.


Teratai: A comfort staple blending straight and organic elements with Bretz’s meticulous craftsmanship.


Edgy: A Tetris-inspired, adaptable modular system offering spontaneous creativity and premium comfort in urban lifestyles.


Ed: An architectural masterpiece by Bretz, blending Bauhaus, Maximalism, and Memphis aesthetics into a versatile, modular comfort playground.


Matilda by Bretz: An inventive fusion of rebellious edge and comfort, shaping adaptable pentagonal islands that spark communication and style.


Cocoa Island: A majestic fusion of old-world charm and innovative design, with daring proportions and meticulous buttoning, creating a sublime spectacle of light and shadow.

Cocoa Island

Napali: A celebration of exotic splendor, mirroring shifting hues through dynamic upholstery and cushions, offering endless modifications and superior comfort in life’s constant flow.


Cloud 7, Bretz’s signature piece, melds urban sophistication and retro-futurism, delivering tranquility and dynamism that redefines the urban living experience.

Cloud 7

Ocean 7: Transforming spaces with clear lines, limitless combinations, and artisanal comfort.

Ocean 7

Dive into the Bretz Collection – where each piece tells a unique story, all waiting to become part of yours