The Bretz Effect or why you should choose our furniture

Discover the Magic of Bretz

Since 1895, the family-owned company has grown into an established business and is now specialized in crafting exclusive furniture in our German workshop. The Bretz Wohnträume GmbH is proud of its rich heritage, founded by Johann Bretz, whose passion and dedication still drive the company’s daily actions. The business has been passed down through generations of the Bretz family, passing on the values and expertise from one generation to another.

The vision of True Characters
The vision of True Characters is inspired by the belief that every piece of furniture should reflect its owner in terms of unique design, materials, and manufacturing processes. Therefore, we value specialized designs that emphasize individuality while still being functional and aesthetically appealing!

With the True Characters vision, our mission is to create masterpieces for our customers that fulfill and inspire their living dreams. True to our motto “Bretz goes Dubai,” we now aim to enchant the residents of Dubai with uniquely crafted furniture made in Germany, bringing German craftsmanship into their homes.

Exclusivity & Craftsmanship:The Uniqueness of Luxury Furniture

High-quality materials
Unique design
Family business

The furniture pieces are unique and handcrafted. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, making it a special highlight for any home.

The materials used are of the highest quality, ensuring a long lifespan for the furniture pieces. This makes investing in these pieces a worthwhile decision.

The designs of the furniture pieces are unique and stand out from other furniture, making the home an individual space that reflects personal style.

The furniture factory is a family-run operation, providing a personal touch and a special atmosphere. This makes purchasing the furniture pieces an experience rather than just a transaction.

Bretz is the perfect home for free spirits and eternal dreamers, offering unconventional ideas with passionate craftsmanship to craft furniture creations without boundaries or restrictions. Their furniture creations are creative, multifaceted, and passionate down to every scrap of fabric.